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Tender no B78-2013 - Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Tender No: B79/2013 - Risk Proposal For Establishment of Waste Management Facilities
Tender No: B80/2013 - Rehabilitation of Borehole Fencing
Joe Morolong Local Municipality01-2013 - Open Quotation
Tender No B79/2013 - Risk Proposal For Establishment of Waste Management Facilities Erratum1
Tender No B85/2013 Ditshipeng
Tender No B86/2013 Padstow
Tender No B87/2014 Municipal Mayoral Car
Tender No: B88/2014 Delivery of Water using a water tanker to various villages
Tender No: B90/2014 Registered Electrical Consultant at Hotazel
Tender No: B92/2014 Fleet Repairs/Mechanic
Tender No: B91/2014 Supply and Delivery of Diesel 500pp
Request for Quotations 18-29 September 2014
Low Cost Housing Project
Request For Quotations 14 - 22 October 2014 @12H00
Tender No:B103-B110 Low Cost Housing Project
Tender No: B111 Fleet Procurement/management and maintenance
Tender No:B112 & B113 Office partitioning & Fencing material
Tender No:B114 Rural Roads Program
Tender No:B115 Supply Dry Sanitation Toilets (VIP & UDS)
Tender No:B116 Construction of Community Hall
Tender No:B117 Request for Registered Electrical Consultants
Tender No:B118 Supply And Delivery of Diesel 500pp
Tender No:B119 Fleet Repairs/Mechanic
Tender Adverts For June 2015
Tender register B123-B127
Tender Adverts for August 2015
Appointed Bidders 125-127
Tender advert MFMP VAT AFS 2016 2
Appointment Bidder 2nd Quater2015
Tender Register0001
Appointed Bidders for 3nd Quarter 2015
Tender Advert Insurance & Car Ports
Tender advert - Traffic Centre
Mmabasotho Tax Consultants 2
Tender Register
Appointed Bidders for Tender B145/2016; B146/2016; B147/2016
List of Bulk Diesel 2017




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